NF Forward, headquartered in Germany, is specialized in producing high quality relays to meet specific requirements of different applications. NF Relays are used in the home appliance and automotive industries as well as in many other types of electric and electronic equipment.

Our products are offered globally under the brand name NF. The relays are co-designed from German based relay specialists and produced by our partner Ningbo Forward Relay Corporation. Together we are focusing on highest design and engineering standards, the production is taking place on highly automated production lines only. NF Forward production specialists strictly control the quality. To support the demand from the market and our customers, we have established a fully equipped test laboratory also in Germany. Due to our own designed relays we can also offer specific and modified relays, to meet 100% customer’s demand with regards to technical requirement and price request. We will continue to develop new relays to enlarge the product portfolio to meet also the future market demands.

The combination of high quality relays, individual application- and sales support together with a global sales and price structure make the NF brand a very good choice. We are committed to support your growth by being a reliable long-term partner.